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  • Maintain good behaviour
  • Listen and respect other students, staff and members of society

Have a positive attitude to learning


Respect the school premises and property

Building Foundations for Life

Date Palm primary school is an independent Islamic primary school that was established in 2012. It is privileged to provide a primary education to a community with a high demographic of muslims (Tower Hamlets); admist the very few Islamic schools that exist. Our school hosts over 200 children with a wide range of educational needs.

Narrated Abdullah bin Amr(RA): A man asked Allah’s Messenger (SAW) “Which act in Islam is the best?” The Prophet (SAW) replied “To give food, and to greet those whom you know and those whom you do not know.” [Bukhari&Muslim]

The Muslim was likened to the Date Palm due to the abundance of its goodness, the continuity of its shade, the goodness of its fruit and its presence throughout the year. Just like the Date Palm tree we want to cultivate children who can be fruitful wherever they are.

Date Palm is an independent Muslim primary school located in Tower Hamlets, London.

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