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“Our vision is for Date Palm Primary School to ensure our pupils grow like a Date Palm tree – with strong foundations, lofty branches and produce fresh fruit.”

- We aim to instill the values of honesty, compassion and mutual respect into all our pupils
- We aim to inspire each pupil to become the best person they can be
- We aim to fulfill the amaanah that is upon us with regards to the children’s tarbiyyah and academic education, with the awareness that - We have full accountability.
- We aim to display the best manners at all times, implementing the Quraan and Sunnah, and being a leading role model to our children.
- We aim to provide learning experiences which are challenging, motivating and have high expectations for all
- We aim to deliver a broad, balanced range of experiences in a variety of different learning contexts, both in the classroom and in the wider outdoor environment
- We aim to help all pupils to progress in their skills development and build on their prior knowledge and understanding
- We aim to provide learning opportunities which allow all pupils to develop their full capacity for different types of thinking and learning.
- We aim to support each child’s skills and talents by providing opportunities for personalisation and choice in learning.
- We aim to help our children develop the transferable skills they will need to take their place in tomorrow’s world.
- We aim to deliver a curriculum which is relevant to our children’s lives, today and in the future.
- Above all, we aim to value our children and to develop them as the successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens of Britain’s future.
- We aim to commit to charitable endeavours and to make a positive difference to our world.