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After-School Clubs are back!

Children have enjoyed a range of clubs from making delicious desserts to creating clay key-rings and coasters using natural patterns. Our young budding Programmers are in the process of programming the lights on a police car and our Scientists-in-the-making have been experimenting with colours. Some…
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A Guide to Twitch

There is no doubt that live streaming on platforms, including Twitch, is becoming more popular, as are the concerns. Childnet have put together a useful article about Twitch: what it is, why it’s so popular, the type of content and some useful tips and advice.…
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Phishing is commonly seen in emails and increasingly across social media, including YouTube. It’s best described as a scam using social engineering tricks (urgency, fear, panic) to coax you into revealing personal information (account details, name, bank details, etc.) for criminal purposes. Smishing is exactly the…
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Netflix – Age Ratings

You will be aware that Netflix is hugely popular across all ages but there have been concerns in relation to age ratings and the type of content that is recommended to viewers. Like many other services, Netflix uses algorithms to determine what you might like…
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Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean TV series on Netflix. Released mid-September it became an overnight success and is now the most popular series on Netflix. The series centres around hundreds of players, all of whom are in debt, to play a series of 6…
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Toast Model

Can getting better at maths be about feelings,not facts? Introducing the Toast Model for growing your brain At Date Palm, we want everyone to love learning. But what do we want children to do when they are stuck? Most of the time – it’s how…
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Discord App

Pre-lockdown the large majority of students using this app were game based. Often children would use the Discord app to have conversations, share tactics etc. with their friends whilst playing their online games. But curiously the popularity of Discord has increased massively post lockdown and…
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Gurls Out Loud

Gurls Out Loud is a campaign from the Internet Watch Foundation to empower girls to block, report and tell someone if they are asked by an adult for explicit images. “Every day girls are contacted online by adults who try to manipulate them…..our mission is to help you…
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YouTube Supervised Experience

Supervised Experience builds on the historic (and pretty poor) Restricted Mode, which is essentially a filter allowing users to block content which is deemed for adult users only. There are now 3 filtering levels which are: Explore – for users 9+.Explore More – for users…
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