Category: E-Safety

March 23, 2023

Video Games

As much as people talk about the negatives of gaming, games playing can be hugely beneficial in many ways such as teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and so much more, including reading. This is particularly true for those children who are reluctant to read or…
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Digital Parenting Pro

Vodafone have created a fantastic resource for parents including information, YouTube videos, and an interactive resource providing information about parental controls and safety settings.Everything is free and you can find further information HERE.
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Game Finder

Finding games for children which are appropriate for their age, which work on the devices the children use and the children will actually enjoy playing can be a minefield, particularly when parents are being bombarded with the ‘but everyone else is playing this game’ guilt…
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Wordle Game

Wordle is a new, very simple game that has grown to extraordinary levels of popularity over the last few months. In the main, it is a very safe game but with the rise in popularity, it’s important to be aware as there are a couple…
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My Family’s Digital Toolkit

Internet Matters have done it again, this time with a personalized online safety toolkit you can use at home. By answering a few simple questions you can get age-specific advice, learn about popular apps, information on how to deal with any concerns, and also tools…
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Instagram for Kids – Paused

If you weren’t aware already, Instagram has been working on a version for kids. I honestly couldn’t think of a worse idea, but it just goes to show how desperate Facebook (who owns Instagram) is to keep users within the Facebook stratosphere. Facebook has featured…
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