Computers and other technological devices can help pupils make accelerated progress. Weekly Computing lessons that last between one hour and one hour fifteen minutes are delivered to the children in the school’s ICT suite. In early years children are provided with a broad, play-based experience of Computing in a range of contexts. Children gain confidence, control and language skills through opportunities to explore using computers/tablets and also non-computer based resources such as microwaves. In primary years, we support children to develop their skills such as researching, typing, editing and digital art skills. Children learn how to stay safe online throughout the key stages and how to seek help if they become uncomfortable online. Our focus on coding ensures that children are given opportunities to create and implement algorithms with efficiency in mind. They are taught to debug their codes in the upper years to facilitate independence whilst coding. A variety of software is used such as ScratchJr and Scratch to achieve the coding strand of Computing. Many technological devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets/iPads and mobile phones are used to deliver this subject.