Our mathematics curriculum, which consists of daily one-hour lessons, covers everything from the basic building blocks of maths such as number and place value all the way through to the formal written methods and algebra. New mathematical concepts are introduced with manipulatives which gives our pupils an opportunity to use hands-on learning. Children regularly peer and self-assess their work, and have clear models and images to help their understanding. They are constantly challenged with mathematical tasks increasing in difficulty and additional stretch and challenge activities are also provided.

To develop mastery in maths we conduct regular problem solving investigations which aid children’s conceptual understanding enabling them to apply their skills to different problems. We practice the rote method of times tables daily and explicitly teach strategies for calculation with a focus on mental methods, jottings and formal written methods. We also take part in the annual Young Mathematicians Award in which a group of Years 5/6 children are given a problem-solving task to complete within a short frame of time. They must cooperate and work as a team ensuring they systematically record their steps and provide a verbal presentation of their strategy and reasoning.