Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean TV series on Netflix. Released mid-September it became an overnight success and is now the most popular series on Netflix. The series centres around hundreds of players, all of whom are in debt, to play a series of 6 games, all of which have deadly consequences: you fail, you die.

Given the popularity, it’s no surprise to see the challenges being acted out everywhere: in school, TikTok memes and challenges, Roblox games etc., so even if children aren’t watching the series on Netflix, they will have heard about it from others or online.

This makes any advice particularly difficult. Most of the concerns relate to the violence within the TV series, and it is very violent. For example, you may see children re-enacting the ‘red light, green light’ game. If a person moves when ‘red light’ is called, they get shot. This isn’t too dissimilar to many games children play and it’s mostly harmless fun, but equally there will be some who wouldn’t want children playing these types of games and that’s completely understandable.

My advice is just to keep an eye on what’s going on and deal with it the same way you would any other behavioural issue. Also, parents need to be aware that it is a 15-rated TV series and profiles can be set within Netflix to age-restrict content. You can find a link HERE.

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